Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night, I read 1 Thessalonians 2 and the verse that stuck out at me while I was SOAPing was verse 12, which talks about walking worthy of God, who has called you into His kingdom and glory. Coincidentally enough, at Sonrise this morning (our school's Bible Study that me and a couple of my small group girls organized) Ellen was talking about how we need to live like Jesus. His was definitely a life worthy of God, because He is God! He loved so much, and with every gesture he embodied the love He wanted the world to know about. He trusted His Father (Himself? how confusing the trinity is!) so much, and other who watched Him saw His relationship with God and questioned Him about His ways.

And then, ironically enough, I sprain my ankle in gym class while playing soccer. This must have been the third, fourth, maybe even fifth time I've sprained the same ankle by rolling it. Until I began writing this blog, I saw it as a hinderance and began questioning, "Why?"

So what's the irony? The irony is that I cannot walk right. I am limping along, trying to keep as much weight off of my injured foot as possible. It's almost as though my physical injury is imitating the struggle that's going on within myself. I've been trying so hard to lead a life worthy of the calling I have recieved, yet recently I have felt like I'm drowning under many of the things the world is trying to throw onto me. During stressful times like these, my focus on God often strays and I become vulnerable to what Satan tries to trip me up with. Just like how I'm struggling to walk right physically because of the stress on my ankle, I'm struggling to walk worthy of God spiritually because of the stress on my soul.

This really makes me stop and realize that I need to take a step back. Lately I've taken to practicing solitude and silence, and I feel as though I look forward to those times with God because they release me from the small matters of life and focus me back in on the One who matters the most. Sometimes we want to take on the world and all that it throws at us, but we need to remember that our souls need to rest every now and then, and we have the freedom to take what is thrown at us and throw it to God, because He enjoys relieving us from our burdens.