Monday, September 7, 2009

An awesome day at Woodstock Square

So yesterday, my friends Henry and Emily, my sister Brittany, and I all went to Woodstock Square because we were going to try to spread the word about Student Impact and try to get some new people to come. We had absolutely no clue what we were doing; all we knew was that we were near the park with a bunch of Impact cards in our hands.

We tried handing the cards out to kids in the gazebo, but it turned out extremely awkward, made worse by some things that I said that sounded really strange. Like, "So we were watching you and thought that you guys might like to come to Impact." We were watching you? Um, that doesn't sound creeperish at all...

So we walked through the park, not knowing what to do, feeling pretty down. But then, we came across a woman sitting on a park bench. She had a bunch of Sharpie markers and was writing phrases on rocks, like "Love" and "Pray" and "Faith" and "Kindness" and "Believe." We slowed down and she invited us over to look at them. She explained that she was doing this for a kind of ministry and she also talked about how she was homeless at one point, but what struck us the most was that she said that people need to just be bolder with their faith and keep planting seeds of faith; even though we may not do much, we'll at least plant seeds of faith, and God will take care of the rest.

That was exactly what we needed to hear, and we told her so and explained why we were in the park. She talked to us some more and let each of us close our eyes and pull out a rock from a bag she had. I pulled out one that says "Faith." Later, Henry and Emily paid for a Starbucks gift card for the woman and we gave it to her. After that whole string of events, we had much more success going up to teens and inviting them to Impact.

I just can't believe how awesome God is! I mean, what are the chances that we would cross paths with that woman? God is the one who brought us together; what an amazing day!