Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wishing it was one of those lazy weekends

You know how sometimes you have those weekends where you have absolutely nothing to really do that has to get done within a certain time frame, and you have plently of time to read or write or hang out on the internet all day or play an instrument or enjoy the outdoors or spend time with friends?

I really wish that was the sort of weekend I am having.

But alas, instead I have a lot to get done for school before Wednesday of this coming week since my surgery is on Thursday. In addition to the massive amount of homework and projects piled up on my desk, I also have a scholarship entry due on Monday, a Christmas party for the kids at the ice skating rink this afternoon, serving over at my church tomorrow in the morning, and Student Impact in the evening. Not that I'm complaining about those things, though. I just wish I wasn't so stressed with the homework I have. Thank goodness I woke up somewhat earlier so that I would at least be able to take a step back and write something before setting myself to work.

I was really intrigued by one of Dr. Parker's quotes when doing some research: "Is it always the rich that prosper?" When talking about physical, monetary richness, then those people are prosperous. But what the people who only contain monetary richness are missing is the richness of laughter, of love, of living. If someone is rich in laughter, love, and life, they too prosper, albeit differently. So, if Dr. Parker meant richness as in monetary richness, then my answer to him is that the rich are not the only ones who prosper. However, if Dr. Parker means richness as in laughter, love, and life, in addition to whatever monetary wealth one contains, then my answer to him is that the rich are always the ones who prosper. What do you think? What does Dr. Parker's quote mean to you?

~Cry unto God, and He will shelter you beneath his wings~