Thursday, August 6, 2009

Awesomeness and other thoughts

While at the test session for figure skating on Tuesday, I saw something pretty cool that I wanted to comment about. I was waiting for my turn to skate and finally try to test out with the senior freeskate, when I look over my shoulder in the lobby and see a boy sitting with a book open in his lap, his left hand clasped with his mother's right hand beside him, both of their eyes closed. Half a second later I realize that the book is a Bible, and the boy (who looked like he was about twelve or fourteen years old) and his mom were praying about something. I just found it so awesome that they were doing this in such a public place, because you rarely see people just drop everything wherever they are and talk to God without worrying about what everyone else is thinking of them. I wanted to say something to them, but they were deep in prayer, and the next time I looked over at them they were gone. I will always remember that moment, though, more than the feeling of exhilaration when I saw that God helped me pass the test His way (not mine; I would have skated clean but God needed me to fall so that I could retry the two elements I missed and land them with His help and sheer determination).

I had also been thinking about how some people, mainly some guys, say that they absolutely refuse to cry because they see it as a sign of weakness. In fact, one guy I used to be friends with specifically told me that he did not want to appear weak to others, and thus trained himself so that he wouldn't cry at all. I was thinking about that today, and thinking about how strong and mighty God is, and I came to this conclusion: Even though we may try to make ourselves stronger, and even if we succeed in making ourselves stronger and eliminating some of our weakness, we will never be completely rid of our weakness. We will always have some weakness, because compared to God's strength, we are nothing. He is way more powerful than anything, and for that I am not ashamed if I appear weak to others when I cry if He has revealed something to me. In His presence, we can all be completely free.